Monday, July 2, 2007

Warning! Code Jargon ahead!

Yesterday was a slow day for me. Got up went to work, almost had a sneak attack of pork at lunch (they put ham inside some chicken breast and cooked it together), went with a Gyro from a tiny turkish stand that's still on the Boulevard, but on the other side, closer to the red building, and started coding up what the folks at CoSy needed. It was kind of slow going because not only did I have to reinstall eclipse (which for those that don't know, its a programming environment that can handle multiple processes, I use it for programming C and Java), but I was also trying to figure out what they were looking for. I had thought that they wanted to have something fairly elaborate from me, but come to find out, they just need to find which algorithm is needed for path planning (in other words, they need me to program out how the robot is going to find the right path).

After a little bit of time there, I packed up and headed for home. I took some pictures of the route that I take from the university to the house and vice versa. I got a wide mixture on the route, nature, traffic, trains, graffity, and unfortunately, rain.

As I speak (Saturday Morning), its currently raining. I heard that its going to rain all weekend. I think Mom was right in that Germany has its rainy summers... I hope it doesn't rain all summer long, that would put a crimp in sight seeing. Well more later.

I'm going to see about finding a site where I can post my pictures up a little more easily than what they have here. I'll post later with the pictures.

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