Monday, July 9, 2007

Finishing off Sunday...

Well, after making the entry that I just recently posted about Sunday Morning, my evening shaped up to be pretty good overall. I still had about two loads of laundry left to take care of, so I stuffed it all into one of my travel bags (one which had a should strap), and was about to head to find the laundromat. But I needed some food before I started doing some hard riding (the bag was a "little" heavy, but eventually manageable). I stopped off at the Mexican restaurant that was right down from the house. Hmmm... I still need a picture of the place. :-)

Well, after lunch, I took the bike ride. The ONLY laundromat that anyone knows about (or at least what the phonebook and a couple of students know about) is close by downtown. Its a little hole in the wall place off of the street 'Vor Dem Steintor'. The street was pretty narrow especially with the amount of traffic on it, made traveling by bike a little unnerving. I guess I'm too use to American Drivers. ;-) But it turned out fine. Got to the laundromat and started translating. :-) Spilled a little bit of the detergent when it spit out the detergent after I put the money in. They included the detergent in with the price of using the washing machine, which was great seeing that the price was 4 euros for one load. Well, they didn't have a change machine available there, so I had to bug this one store next door for some change. Thankfully the owner of the store was prepared (although he didn't speak english, but I was able to translate as much as I could for understanding).

Well, there's 8 euros down for washing two loads, now for the drying... 75 cents euro for 15 minutes. :-/ So if the dryers are anything like the dryers in America, a good hour is "typically" just enough to dry most everything. So there goes 3 euros for my shirts. However, my second load of pants that I had wasn't so lucky. I put in another 1.50 euros for another 30 minutes, and it was enough... still a little damp here and there, but it had to do, because I didn't want to break another bill just for another 30 minutes or so.

Oh, and I ran into some international students that were from Portugal that were studying at the German Language School that Bremen has (???) for the summer. What was interesting was that they came to learn German, but they also knew English fairly well. It's quite interesting who you run into in a Laundromat! :-)

Well, I put the clothes back onto my back and went home. Dropped off my clothes, but needed dinner, the food stores are closed on Sunday (which I just found out yesterday), so its up to dining out. Well, Mrs. C said that I could go back to the one street that I was at, for the laundromat, for cheap food with college kids in the area as well. She also recommended a place called the Schnoor, which is basically a shopping street with restaurants down the various streets. She said that it was quite lively at night. Oh yeah, QUITE lively! lol Well, I decided to go to the Schnoor so that I can do another quick tour of downtown as well. It was getting pretty late by this point (probably around 8pm local time), so I stopped in this one restaurant. I think it was called Olmpy, or something like that... not sure, I'll have to look at the receipt again. :-) The food was great! The baked potato that I had tasted a little weird, but I think it was more the sour cream, but I'm not certain.

Well, after dinner, I went in search of the Bremen Town Musicians. I don't know WHY they are called that, but I finally found them, and took a few pictures of them. I also ran into 3 folks from Seattle who were also there. :-) We basically talked about how the weather reminded them about Seattle, and that it was nice that the day was quite sunny. Well, after saying goodbye to the nice folks, I went home. I'm going to be putting up a new album with the few pictures that I took just to give you a little flavor of what I "experienced". :-)

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