Monday, July 2, 2007

A trip downtown

Well, come to find out, it rained during the morning, but after 12pm or so, the clouds parted. It was still an overcast day but it didn't rain at all when we were out. Well, I woke up pretty early yesterday, not sure why. Had my door open, and kept myself busy on the computer for a time. Then I started getting hungry. I didn't have anything in the frig, so I decided to head off to the supermarket to pick up some food for lunch and dinner. Well, just as I was getting on my bike for the trip, Frank came riding up. He said that he had already went to the supermarket to pick up some food. :-/ He thought that I was still asleep at noon??? Well, he had picked up some food mainly for dinner, no lunch or snacks because he figured that he would get lunch elsewhere and snack at the corner market. Actually, he picked up essentially for this one recipe that he picked up online, a cassarole. Well, at least he had some extra left over of the materials. According to him, the cassarole turned out okay, but I was too tired to have dinner. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Seeing that he didn't pick anything for lunch, he said that we could go downtown for lunch. I was like "sure, no problem, I could hold off for a time". So we get on our bikes, I kept my backpack completely empty (except for the map), and we started riding the HeerstraBe Schwachhauser (or is it Schwachhauser HeerstraBe? (I'll have to look that one up again)) down to downtown. Oh, almost forgot, HeerstraBe is a fairly major street.

Well, we get near the Am Wall, the one park that Mrs. C was showing a little bit of the other day, park our bikes before we cross into downtown, and walk the rest of the way in. We passed by quite a few places to eat, but I guess Frank was looking for something in particular, because we didn't stop. We walked quite a bit around downtown. Well, I got to the point where I was starving so I told him that I was going to stop at this one tiny food stand to pick up some lunch, then Frank was all like "Well, I was thinking about stopping at that one pub we passed, but feel free to pick up something". Now, I'm not one for fish, rye bread, or raw onions, but what I had at the food stand was pretty good over all, they mixed pretty well (maybe it was the spices?). We walked around quite a bit, I took plenty of pictures, and it kind of amazes me the amount of people that know English here. The gentleman who served the fish, a cute Fraulein who waitressed at a corner coffee shop (where Frank picked up some latte/coffee brevage and a coke for me), and a couple of workers at a Museum that I would visit the next day.

Well, I won't bore you with the details. I'm just going to put up the pictures of the trip downtown. We went home after that, I got myself some ice cream, and went to bed.

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Fred said...

Just FYI, "Heerstraße" can be spelled "Heerstrasse". The German "ß" = "ss"

That way you're not using a B and confusing people. ;p