Monday, July 9, 2007

By Sunday Morning...

Hey there Everyone,

Well, this weekend was a somewhat boring weekend. On Saturday, we had a day that was half raining and then half sunny. But, the sunny and rainy wasn't consistent. It would rain for about an hour, then the sun would come out, then the rain, etc. I've already been rained on twice (both times while wearing shorts!) that I didn't feel like leaving the house. So there's my Saturday for you.

Sunday, however, was a nice sunny day, that I'm going to have to work indoors for a short time. I still got some laundry to do, so I'm going to have to find the laundromat. So I went downstairs to get my clothes that are hanging up, and they are ROUGH TO THE TOUCH! I was like, WTF! I was thinking that there were water deposits in the water that just clung to the clothing after the wash. I mean, I had to let the standing air dry them, so what else would I think. I told this to Mrs. C, and let her feel the clothing. She said that there wasn't any fabric softener in the wash to make it nice and smooth. She said that the powder couldn't be a cleaner and a fabric softener at the same time. You know what I say to that... BALONEY! My Amway powder was fine when it came softening up the fabric, so I'm going to still with my "theory" that it had to do with the whole air dry, more than anything else. But I'm going to hold that "theory" to myself. Don't need Mrs. C getting all anal about the limited laundry services here.

Well, even though my clothes may itch like hell when I wear them (not sure, haven't had the chance to yet), they are still "clean". I was debating on taking them to the laundromat to get them rewashed, with I guess fabric softener! But Mrs. C is right. They are still clean, and nothing to cry about. (She said something about being made out of sugar, although she didn't know the right words, I think we all know what she meant)

Well, it's already 11:45am here in Germany on Sunday, and I still need to get to the grocery store, the laundromat, and maybe put in some sight seeing in when I have the chance. I don't think there will be much to tell later, so TTFN.

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