Friday, July 20, 2007

Travel by train... or by broom? ;-) (Not Berlin post)

Well, as I write this I'm getting some laundry done for the weekend. I'll be heading off to Bonn, Germany tomorrow (Friday), and from what I've seen so far of the tourist sights, there isn't much. :-/ Maybe I made a mistake about deciding about Bonn?

So far I've only seen about three things that might be of interest there. Eh, maybe I'll just go into the museums at "Museum Mile". Or maybe a trip down the Rhine?

Went to go see Harry Potter this past Wednesday. They do show the original sound recordings (aka English) like about one to two days a week. It was really great seeing that I wouldn't have been able to see it otherwise. There were two things that were kind of strange (no pun intended). One was that they had the opening title still in German, which is understandable ( I guess), the other was that they had assigned seating. In other words, you bought a seat, literally! It's kind of rare to see that in the states, so it was kind of a surprise here. Kind of wish I wasn't as close to the screen as I was. But it was still pretty good none the less. Good film, I recommend seeing it. Although it was fairly fast paced... oh well. Still good. :-)

Well, I'm almost out of money right at the moment, so I'm going to have to watch what I spend the remaining euros that I have. The trip to Berlin took quite a bit from the wallet. Well, tomorrow (Friday) I'll be writing up my "report" that will explain to the people in charge exactly what I've been doing for the internship. Basically its a formality, one that is required in order to get the last months pay. Not too mention the airplane ticket money that they said they would help out with.

Well, I have been planning my trips typically two weeks in advance, but I think I'm going to hold off for the time being. Just till I get the next paycheck. I also have to decide what's the next BIG destination. Well, I'll have to get the Birthday trip ironed out, at the very least. But I want to go somewhere out of Germany. That, however, is going to cost a bit... I was checking out the rail prices, and they were getting up to 200 euros or more. :-/ I'll have to check out how much I have left on the old credit card. Well, I have to get back to writing out my trip to Berlin, and I think my whites are done. So time to fold. TTFN

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