Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My shorts are Cursed!

Hey there Everyone,

I'm telling you the truth, I've worn shorts 3 times now on nice sunny days, and then it turns miserable! Twice before I've worn shorts are fairly sunny days, and it turns all rainy making the bike ride home quite... wet. So this morning I look outside to see hardly a cloud in the sky. Nice day for a picnic I thought (I still needed to go to work, but it was that kind of day), or at least that's what I thought. Right now clouds are rolling in with Thunder pronouncing their arrival! I mean, cut me some slack! I mean, it's practically rained every single day!!! Can someone tell God and/or Mother Nature to turn off the waterworks?! THAT'S IT! I'm moving to Rome! ;-)

Well, I have to get back to work, but I hope it clears back up. (Crossing fingers)


Fred said...

"THAT'S IT! I'm moving to Rome!"

What, is Sparta too far away? ;p

Cronus said...

Oh, hardie har har, there fred. Nice reference to the "Hercules" movie from Disney. :-P