Friday, July 6, 2007

Berlin Postponed

Well, I was looking into the tickets for going to Berlin and coming back, and the tickets were typically coming out to around 72 euros, ONE WAY! Ouch! So I was searching around a little more, and I was able to find tickets at cheaper costs, it just means longer travel times and a few switching of trains. But I was able to get the tickets for 39 euros and 33 euros, going to and then back, respectfully. So 50% off. Not too shabby, but I have to postpone Berlin till next weekend. I guess it could wait for another week. :-)

Oh, I need to book a hotel... Hmmm... Let's see what I can find...

Well, while I do that, I guess I'm going to be sticking around Bremen for another weekend. Such adventures huh? lol Well, I'll try to fix that soon. ;-) I just hope that the weather improves out here. Kind of wish that I could switch the weather here with what's going on, on the West Coast. I'm sure everyone there would LOVE the rain right about now. :-)

So, Berlin's set up. I'm going there, no question about that. The question is now, where to go next. Frankfurt, and then onto Baumholder? Stuttgart? Heidelberg (which is just south of Frankfurt, supposedly from my friend, its a good place for good looking Frauleins)? Munich (Supposedly a good place to get drunk at, again from the same friend)? Garmish (which I heard is a great ski resort plus has the Neuschwanstein Castle nearby (I think I'll hold this one for my birthday))? Or should I go outside of Germany? Paris? Rome? Athens? London? I think I better check out the prices before I go too nuts. Well, time to get back to the search. TTFN


Fred said...

One more thing. Find youth hostels. Not the best of sleeping arrangments, but WAY cheaper!

Songs from the Woods said...

Actually, some youth hostels are really nice,and yes, they are a lot less expensive. I stayed in hostels when I traveled in Europe.