Monday, July 30, 2007

Quick Uploader found!

Hey there everyone!

Guess what?! I found a quick uploader for photobucket! So I don't have to manually put in 20 photos at a time. It's called Flock, and its a browser much like Firefox and Internet Explorer, but it also has the built in tool to take multiple photos at once and transfer them into photobucket. Not sure about its security, so I'm only using it for the photos till I know more, but then again, don't think I need ANOTHER BROWSER! :-) So, guess what, I've already uploaded the photos from Bonn into Photobucket! Yeah, I still have to take care of the blog itself now. :-/

Sorry folks, its been a little hectic here where I'm working right at the moment. Mr. D just went on vacation, so can't get any further assistance from him till he gets back. Which is a little bit of a problem, seeing that the template program that he gave me to use for the robot didn't work itself. So I need to hunt through 1000's of lines of code to find out how to fix the problem. Joy's for me! ;-)

Well, I need to set up for this weekend. I wanted to go to my old stomping grounds (when I was 5 years young) of Baumholder, Germany. But I need to go through Frankfurt to get there, so its going to be interesting to set up.

Oh, and the international office hasn't given us the word for our next pay check yet, so Frank and I are getting a little tight on the belts right at the moment. Actually, I'm probably going to have to brave this weather to get to the bank downtown to pull out some cash, just to deal for the week. (They said that the 3rd would be when we get paid...) Well, back to work for me. TTFN More on Berlin and Bonn coming soon...

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Evan Hamilton said...


Thanks for trying Flock! We're very secure...what are your specific concerns? I should have an answer.

What I hope you'll discover is that Flock works great as a normal browser, uploader, and more...those photos you are uploading appear in Flock's Mediabar and then can be dragged directly to webmail, MySpace comments, blog posts (or Flock's Blog Editor) and more.

Flock on!

Evan Hamilton
Flock Community Ambassador

evan at flock dot com