Friday, June 29, 2007

Pay Day!

Next day, woke up to sunny day, a little. Wednesday had a few sprinkles, but today (Thursday, yesterday as I'm writing this) was looking pretty good. I didn't feel like exploring too much today, but I went in early to get some work done on the internet. So I get some of that done, I do a little bit of book reading and then Mr. W came to get Frank and I to take us to be paid. YEA! We get to the cashiers office, and were given the 620 euros to last for the month. Mr. W came with us so that we could talk with the cashier easier.

Well, I was no longer sweating for the lack of money. Only had a few coins left in my pocket that came out to be around 1 euro or so. So Mr. W went off to a meeting, so by this time it was around 1pm, so Frank and I went to the Mensa. (oh, just looked up the translation for Mensa, and it means canteen and/or cafeteria) :-) Mr. D showed up a little later saying that everyone had meetings except for him, he had just got done with a lecture.

Well, we head back, get some more research in, and everyone start filtering out. I wanted to get some more work done online, so I stayed till 8pm when they kicked me out. Supposedly the steam line blew at one point and caused some electrical damage, so the lights don't stay on. So for insurance reasons, no one can be in the office past 8pm, right before the sun sets.

So I went riding home (I had the other bike this time, so no confusion) and found that Frank was finishing off the pasta. I figured that it was okay seeing that there was only one helping of it. Plus we just got paid, so Mrs. C informed us of a Mexican Restaurant down the street, so I figured, it would be great to learn a little more. So with translation book in hand, I went to get some food. I learned quite a few things while there.

First off, no matter where you go, alcohol has the same names or at least what I could tell from the Alcohol list. I guess some restaurants allow dogs inside, because there was a dog sitting on one persons lap. And that there were a few people smoking both inside and out. Matter of fact, I noticed that quite a few people smoke in Germany. Its funny, when Mom stopped smoking I noticed fewer people were smoking as well. Well, I guess they all went to Germany. :-/ I had a gentleman waiter who spoke English, so it was a relief, but yet, at the same time, I couldn't work for my food. :-P So I paid for my bill, went home, asked Mrs. C for how to pronounce some words. The restaurant also put down some gummies (shoes???) for the typical mints (that restaurants in the USA give). It was interesting seeing gummy shoes instead of the typical mints.

Well, after getting some translations, I went upstairs and decided to finish off the blogs that I needed to write. I think tomorrow (Friday, or today as I'm writing this) I'm going to walk to work, just so that I can take some pictures of my route to work.

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