Monday, July 2, 2007

Touring called on account of Rain! (Well, not totally)

Well, today (Sunday), Frank and I decided that we needed to see more of the sights here in Bremen. So I go grab some bread from a corner bakery (which is right next to the corner store) for breakfast, actually, I picked up a bread that had a prezetal feel to it (hard on the outside, soft on the inside, with a bit of salt covering the loaf), and a courssant (sp?) which unfortunately had some fudge cooked in the center. I was able to scrape away most of it, but it was interesting none the less. Well, those two pieces of bread with Mrs. C's homemade Strawberry jelly, and I was set to go. :-)

Frank and I hop on our bikes and head to the "Universum Science Center Bremen". It's a hands on Museum where it "explores" Man, the Earth, and the Cosmos. Frank was saying that San Francisco has something similar but the Bremen museum was better. I haven't been to the San Francisco museum that he is referring to, but I was highly impressed with everything that they had there. Too bad it's not in Los Angeles, or I would have told Mom to take her kids there. Its fun for the whole family. :-) If you ever come to Bremen, it is a stop that you should take. Well, Frank and I kind of split up at the very beginning, I went into the gift shop and got something for my niece and Mom (more for her kids, but figured she would get a kick out of it herself). Ah Ah, you'll just have to wait till afterwards to see what I got. :-) After exploring the full museum, and completely losing Frank (he had already left for home), I stopped at the museums "mensa" and picked up a hamburger (verified that there wasn't any pork in it). The burger wasn't all that great, it was pre-cooked, then microwaved. Should have known, but at least it filled me up.

Well, seeing that the museum was next to the University, I stopped by there to send off a few emails, then I figured that there was a big park just down the street from the museum, so I wanted to check it out. The "Der Burgerpark" was by far, the greatest park I've ever seen. The pathways were clear, there was no litter, there were trails ALL over the park, the forests were thick, the grass was green, AND you could rent a row boat for the "river" (which went through I would say half the park). Oh, don't forget that there are horse trails, a petting "zoo" (Donkey's, Gerbils and the like), lakeside restaurants, a miniture golf course, play areas for kids, one massive hotel on one end (which was quite beautiful, as you will see), a lake on the other side (with a "beach" to boot), and a couple of WWII Bunkers!!! Words are just not enough, I probably would have crashed in one of the many fields there, just to relax my legs, as well as, my rearend, if it wasn't for the fact that it started to rain right when I was finishing off exploring through the park... Well, not really, there was just too much to see. I did at one point want to get on one of the row boats to cruise thru the park, but its better when you have company (where's a Fraulein when you need one!) AND ITS NOT RAINING! Well, I booked on home, but took a quick picture of one of the WWII bunkers before I left.

Needless to say, I was a little soaked when I got home. So, now I'm going to have something to eat, play a videogame, reading a bit and then going to bed, it's been a BUSY weekend. TTFN

P.S. Can't play Star Wars: Empire At War right at the moment, because now for every battle that tries to occur there is a fatal exception, it overflows the stack. So basically, with no possibility of doing ANY battle, the game is essentially a "paper-weight", it looks pretty but does nothing. Tried installing some of the patches, but that didn't help. I'll have to check out the web for any additional info.