Friday, July 6, 2007

Train Spotting

Well, yesterday (Thursday) was a pretty productive day for me. Not only did I make some amount of progress on my program that I've been working on, but I decided that I need to go out this weekend and explore more of Germany. Now, seeing that I'm not exactly sure where my old house was in Baumholder, (I think I found it using Google Earth, but I'm not 100% sure its the right place) I'm thinking about heading to Berlin. Plenty to see there, right? There's the Berlin Wall (I think there are still parts of it left... I... think... Hmmm...), and then there's the... ummm... well, there's the... ahhhh... Hmmm... I'll have to put some research into this, I clearly don't know too much about Berlin as I thought. (Unless, that's all there is to see in Berlin (WHICH I HIGHLY DOUBT!))

A friend of mine emailed me some spots to see, not a whole lot, but a few. One of which is a place for the beer. Hmmm... I wonder why he couldn't think of anything more... Hmmm... :-P

Well, back to my productive day, which doesn't have a whole lot more, but anyway! I took a bike trip back down to the train station, because I wanted to see at what times the trains left for Berlin and at what price. Well, I found what's basically a train schedule for all of Germany (I think, but it has a bit of info), and I got a rought estimate of the fare to get there. I also found a Western Union right next to the train station, so if worse comes to worse, then I could ask Mom to send something there. But I'll have to see if there is anything else that I could use.

All I have to worry about now is a place to stay. Where's a Motel 6 when you need one!? lol I'm going to see if I can get my advisor here to help me out a little bit for my trip. It's going to be interesting. :-) Wish me luck everyone! And I'll see you all when I get back, well, sort of. ;-)

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