Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Next City Poll

Hey there Everyone,

I created a poll, I wanted to know what everyone thinks would be a great city to visit. Because I only have time for one, and well, each one I figured would be great to see. So I would like to know what everyone thinks would be a great place to go to.

The poll is located at the very bottom of the blog. Sorry about the text color matching with the background. I'm currently looking through the HTML code to try to fix this. If you highlight the text, then you'll be able to see it better.

The poll will last till the 3rd of August. By that point I should be getting the tickets for the train. Well, let me know what you think. TTYAL


Fred said...

I voted for Amsterdam, but you might also want to look into Copenhagen. The reason for both, mainly, is because not only are they supposed to be beautiful cities, but they are also CLOSE! Should save you a bit of money that way.

Plus they're not your usual tourist destination.

Of course, it IS summer. If money isn't your concern, the Riviera (French, Italian, Spanish... it doesn't matter) might be.. ahem... nice. ;)

Aunt Pat said...

I wish I could offer some wonderful suggestions, but when one hasn't gone past Canada or Mexico, then you don't want any advice!!!! hehehe

Songs from the Woods said...

I'd say stay in youth hostles this time..it will be considerably less