Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Train Ride Conclusion... (Berlin Day 1 Concluded)

Well, after going through the train ride to Hannover, I had to switch trains. Which was another kind of disaster. They had overbooked the train. I'm not saying, "oh, there were like two or three standing up". No, I mean, there were people STANDING IN THE AISLES PRACTICALLY. I counted about fifteen people initially that didn't have a seat, IN MY CAR ALONE. I think there were about 15 more people in the other cars. So I didn't get a seat for the 2 or more hours on the train ride!

Well, we finally get to Berlin, at the Hauptbahnhof-Lehrter Bahnhof Train Station which is on the Northern end of Central Berlin. Basically North of the Strasse des, the Brandenberg Tor, the ... oh heck, I'm going to be naming off a few places that might confuse you, so I would suggest pulling out a map of Berlin yourself, just so you know where I went to on the 2nd and 3rd day. Well, I get to the main station, and well, the place is huge. Not like LAX huge, but still pretty big. So, I find the exit. Well, with the only map that I have of Berlin on my laptop, I knew that I would have some difficult times trying to find the hotel on my own, so what do I do? TAXI! :-) I didn't want to make the Friday the 13th any worse than it was already, so I went ahead and got a taxi to the hotel. Saw a few quick sights along the way (Presidents house and the Golden Goddess), but I wasn't able to really get anything.

Well, I get to the hotel and check in. Well, by this time, the sun was going down which meant that it was around 10pm, and I haven't had a chance to grab some dinner. So where do I go? Subway! The german cuisine... wait, what am I saying? Its Subway for crying out loud! Why would I go there? First I was tired, and didn't want anything fancy. Second, I could get chicken or turkey there without too many problems. And third, I didn't want to run the risk of running into pork on my first day.

So after dinner, I went back to the room and went to bed. Had a big day ahead of me, wanted to get some rest.

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