Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Slight chance of rain

Yesterday was kind of an annoying day for me. Well, ever since I got into town, the temperature has kept at a fairly steady temperature, not too hot for shorts but yet, not too cold for pants either. So seeing that it was raining lately, I quickly went through my supply of pants. So I figured what the heck, why not shorts for a while. I'll get back to this in just a sec.

So I wake up, and tweeeek, I have a major KNOT in my right shoulder/neck. You know the kind, the kind where it kind of requires a massage therapist to remove it quickly. Well, I get dressed (in shorts) and head to work on what looks to be a nice sunny day. hahaha

Around 1pm it turns cold and the clouds start rolling it. I could just hear them saying "Okay Guys! He's at work! Lets Go!"

So here I am at work, trying to get through an annoying bug in my code, trying (and failing miserably) to update my drivers on my computer, I got this HUGE knot in my shoulder, when it starts pouring. I'm not talking about "sprinkle, sprinkle", no I'm talking about raining so hard that "I could hear it pounding the roof which is another story above where I work" hard (which I was hearing by the way). AND it just wouldn't let up!!! Its around 6pm by this point, and I knew if I stayed longer it would just get colder. So, I throw my backpack on, throw my jacket (that Mom recently bought me to replace my old blue torn up jacket) over both my backpack and I, and I ride on home. Frank was a few minutes ahead of me, but he knew I was coming so he left the door open a crack so I could get in quickly. The front door that Mrs. C has isn't like the typical front doors in America. No, it requires you to use the key to open up the latch that is typically handled by the door knob. Hence, the reason why I was so thankful that Frank kept it open ever so slightly. Well, the rest of the night went okay, same as normal. I'm hopeful that today will be a better day. TTFN

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