Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Trip to Baumholder!

Well, plans have been set there folks! I'm heading off to Baumholder this weekend. With an overnight stay in Frankfurt.

Now I just have to look into the bus tickets that I have to purchase. :-)

For those that don't already know, my family used to live in Baumholder for about 6 months or so when Dad was in the military, but I was 5 at the time so don't remember much. I'll have to print out a map of Baumholder just so I can get up to the apartments, which I think I know where they might be... Although the picture that I got from Google Earth didn't give details that I remember, but then again, I was five so who can say what I remember exactly! :-)

Well, from the looks of things everyone is saying that Amsterdam would be the best place to go to... I find it funny, because I don't really consider Amsterdam that a tourist trap that London, Paris and Rome could be/is. Hmmm... am I missing something? I guess I've have to put some research into it.

Well back to reading and understanding the programming language Objective C. TTFN

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