Thursday, August 16, 2007

When I get home...

I figured I'd let everyone know when I'll be getting back to the states, just in case anyone wants to see me outside of the baggage claim.

I leave from Dusseldorf Airport at 10:55A on LTU International.

I arrive to Las Vegas at 1:10pm, and transfer over to US Airways Flight 110 and leave at 219pm.

I will be arriving in LAX at 3:30pm on US Airways Flight 110.

Not sure which gate, but seeing that Security is tight, I guess that doesn't really matter huh? :-/

Well, I'll be seeing you all soon.

Edit---> Yeah, it would be helpful if I did include the date wouldn't it! :-/ So, its August 27th.

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Fred said...

You know, it's occasionally useful to know the DAY that you are arriving along with the time. Or shall we just go out to LAX every day in the hopes that that will be the day your plane lands?

My faulty memory seems to be telling me that it was supposed to be a Monday, but was it this Monday, the 20th, or next, the 27th?

As I don't want to rely on my faulty memory alone, a little more information WOULD be handy.