Monday, August 13, 2007

Bonn Day 2 (Finale) - Credit Card should be good enough, right?

Downtown, wasn't all that impressive, large plaza's, and plenty of shops (which most of them were closed), but overall, didn't take that many pictures of the area. (#117 - 122) Well, after looking around trying to find where Beethoven's place of birth was (which the museum was already closed), it was getting later on in the day by this point, and I figured, I'd better get some dinner before its too late. So as I was walking around, I kept my eyes open, and saw #123. Okay, so the name of the place got my attention. :-) Well, come to find out its a restaurant/bar, limited menu, but that was okay, because they had other entree's other than pork (boy did they ever).

This place my friends was 5 stars in my opinion (out of 5 stars). The food was EXCELLENT, the service was terrific, and the price wasn't that bad overall. If this place was in the States, I would recommend that everyone stop here, but its not. :-( Well, if any of you are ever in Bonn. ;-)

Let me start you out with #124. At first glance, you think bread and tomato chunks for topping. But its not exactly that per say. Yes, it is bread (fresh baked from the taste of it), but its the tomato chunks that got my attention. Now, typically, my brother and I never really liked tomatoes all that much, not sure way, probably because of the texture. But that wasn't the case here, I finished it off, and asked for seconds! They called it tomato jam. I mean, it had the look and texture of tomatoes, but the taste was all jam. I was quite pleasantly surprised. :-)

#125 wasn't all that impressive, matter of fact, it didn't taste good for me at all. It was like a cream, in a way, with looked like a cranberry string on the very top of it. I took a small bite and that was it for me. Just did not have the taste there for me.

Now we get to the main course, #126. It was chicken cooked in a red wine sause, with onion cloves (I guess you might call them), and little, ummmm..., potato balls. It wasn't boneless, but it didn't really matter because it was the skin that was holding the chicken together. The meat literally slipped off the bone. But lets not forget the taste of it all. The sause might have been a little overpowering in just the vast quantity of it on the plate, but it didn't really matter because the chicken itself came off quite nicely with the sause. Overall, as I stated about the meal was DEFINATELY worth the price, if not under priced. :-)

I asked the waiter about the Tomato Jam, whether or not they were going to market it out at all, and he said that they were just looking for the right kind of jar. Now, I doubt that it would make it to the states... but you never know. ;-)

Well, after savoring my dinner, I continued to explore the downtown area. Came past #127 & 128, which to me was a little freakish if you ask me. Took a picture of some fountains that were near Bonn University (#129), as well as, a small grassy area in front of a church (#130 & 131). Well, I was getting closer to Bonn University, I wanted to try to get a picture of how big the field was between the University #134 and another building that I have no clue about #133, by taking the picture #132. It just didn't work out very well. :-/

Well, at this point I was getting a little tired. But I figured that I would take a look at the Rhine before I went to sleep. So I went onto the bridge that was right next to the hotel that I was staying and took a few pictures. #135 - 137. I then went back to the hotel to get some sleep for the next day.

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