Thursday, August 23, 2007

Baumholder Rant

Oh, almost forgot about my rant... ehem. With what I saw that day, gave me the final impression that the terrorists have won. We are a Nation with Fear. Has it finally come to the point where every single building in the United States and elsewhere is considered a target, and therefore MUST be protected? I mean, some places, sure, I can expect that, like the White House for instance. Having tight security around a President is sometimes necessary. But barbed wire around a High School, Cement blocks blocking up the road leading into NOT only a GOLF COURSE, but an APARTMENT COMPLEX??? What is going on??? Not only that, but now we have Metal Detectors in schools, Junior (Middle) schools on up. We have CHEMICAL detection in airports. You basically have to strip down at an airport security checkpoint. It feels as though we have gotten to the point where those in charge, whether its the president, CEO, etc considers that everyone is a suspected terrorist. No one is considered a citizen anymore. We are a potential gun wielding, bomb making, car crashing terrorists, who seeks nothing more but to bring down the "Evil" United States, or any other institution.

How did we get this way? Some people might say 9/11. I say, okay, sure, that had quite a bit to do with it, but our fear started prior to that. Take Columbine for example. Because of that, we have more and more students thinking its cool to bring guns to school, and because of that Metal detectors are moving in. I could blame the news for glorifying the event, showing the videos of the two kids, over and over and over again. But they aren't the only ones that can be blamed. I've been seeing a lot of parents that don't participate with their children anymore. I mean, you can see it in your electronics section at a department store. DVD's for babies. At first I thought, neat little idea there, give them quite a bit more visual. But then I thought, wait, this could be used more as a babysitter than anything else. "Watch this DVD while I talk on the phone, watch TV/movie, go on the internet, play games, etc"

Whoa, didn't I get off track there... but I guess it all stems from the same thing really. Evil succeeds when Good people do nothing. It is soooo true. I'm not saying to join up with the Red Cross just to go to another country to feed the homeless or something. (Might be interesting to hear about later...but not the point) Focus on the small things you can do. You can take down the fences, the barbed wire, the metal detectors because they INSPIRE fear. Parents should focus on their children more, because they need the guidance from us, adults, not some movie or TV show. And Parents, don't think that you are all wise and powerful either, because you can still learn from your children. Hate and intolerance is learned, mostly from the parents.

I wish this could be read by those that wish to do harm to others, and think about what you are about to do. To bring potential heartache to so many people just by your actions alone. Using violence should be a LAST resort, PERIOD! (Unless you act in self-defense) Maybe at that point the fear can be reduced... all it takes is just a small effort. Maybe then we don't have to be afraid to shake hands. :-)

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