Thursday, August 23, 2007

Baumholder Day 1-2ish (Part 4) - Revisiting Memories

Well, after checking to see if I had an blisters yet (which I didn't), I continued my walk towards #90. Different security guards, but same song and dance. They couldn't let me in without military id or signed in by someone there. I tried telling them that I was an Army Brat, and that I would just like to see my old home. Heck, I was willing to be stripped down just to go in. But no dice. Well, I have to admire that they kept the gate closed. But it still sucks. And if I wasn't getting anywhere with these guys, the security supervisor I knew wouldn't help me out either. So backed off. Well, I had a good shot anyway of the apartment from #90's stand point, so I snapped off #91. Now, I think that was the apartment building that I lived at, and the playground furthest away (that is close by the building itself) use to be where a little sand lot and merry-go-around was... if I remember correctly. Definitely not the modern set that you see there. :-)

Well, if you notice, the area is fenced off quite a distance away from the buildings. When we lived there, there wasn't a fence, and the forest was all the way up to the buildings themselves. I would swear that the branches from the trees themselves was touching the apartment (can't remember exactly, brother could probably confirm that statement). So that entire "backyard" was all forest. Which begs the question, did the army cut down the forest in order to put up the fence? It had to a little I'm sure, but were they fully responsible? Hard to say again, still no answers. :-/

Well, there wasn't anything else I could do there, so I hiked back into town. Apparently, with my hike I had bypassed another checkpoint, which was I guess down the road from #44, but I'm not sure. Well, I went back out, the same way I came in. As I was walking down the path, however, I noticed a golf ball, and asked some golfers if they wanted their ball back. And I threw it towards them. It was a fairly light golf ball because it didn't fly very far. :-/ Or maybe I'm just a weakling. ;-) Well, ball returned and I went back to "downtown".

Well, I was thinking to myself, there was only one other way that I could think off to get where I wanted to go, and that would be to go to the army barracks themselves and ask to see the officer in charge. I mean, its the weekend, so I wouldn't expect to see the head of the facility. But there is ALWAYS a supervisor. But I started thinking about it... I mean, I don't remember which apartment number I was at, so asking to see one of the apartments is kind of silly. Not too mention that the only other thing that I would want to see would be the hallway that was filled with washers and dryers that I used for my personal raceway with my big wheel. :-) Yeah, doubtful that I would have had my request granted on just a small matter of seeing some hallway. So I didn't bother.

I can rant about this, but I'll wait till the end of this particular day to give my rant.

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