Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Bonn Day 1 (Finale) - Credit Card should be good enough, right?

Come to find out, the hotel that I'm staying at in Bonn, is RIGHT down the street from the train station. Walking distance! I just hope that its not raining to badly in Bonn when I get there, or I'm going to be soggy! :-) Well, that was all I was able to write down before my computer passed out on me. So as I was going along we get to Koln (Cologne) and I see what looks to be like a playhouse or something like that. Took a bad picture of it, but we were moving pretty good, and lighting wasn't the greatest, obviously. :-) So there you have #7.

Well, when I got there, it wasn't raining which was a relief! It was actually fairly clear skies for most of the weekend. Well, I get off the train, and I knew that the hotel was on the other side of their downtown area (I printed out a Google map), and started my walk. It was around 11pm or so, and I started to feel a little lost. Unfortunately, the map wasn't all that detailed, so I wasn't sure of the downtown pathways, but I knew that I had to get to one of the major streets and to follow it down. So I found it fairly quickly (I kept to the left a little more), and I followed it down, following the street signs as I went. Well, I was on the left side of the street at this point, when I get to the Rhine... Where's the hotel? I looked for it... where is it? Well, if I couldn't find it, I could always stay at the Hilton, which was RIGHT on the Rhine. So I go to the other side of the street, and start looking for it on the other side, thinking that I might have missed it.

Well, I did, and well, its not much of a surprise. The front entrance was a hole in the wall! So I had to buzz to get let in, and I go up some stairs to find the resception desk, which took some time to find. It was hidden! I swear! Well, the gentleman at the front desk was VERY helpful. He spoke English fairly well, gave me a map (actually two maps now that I think about it), and gave me a key to my room. An ACTUAL key! No credit card thin key that you just slide into a electric lock. No it was an actual key, with an actual lock, and in order to lock the door for the night, I had to use the key on the other side of the door to lock it. Amazing huh? I mean, talk about dark ages! hehehe ;-) The room wasn't too shabby, a bit SMALLER than the photos they posted (they showed only a double room, so not much of a surprise there), and they had SODA water for refreshment (I was thirsty,... but not thirsty enough to finish... yuck!), which was warm. But I put my stuff away and prepared for the next day.

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