Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bits of News...

Well, today has turned out to be an "interesting" day. I got a few bits of information to hand out, before I get back to work.

Yesterday's Birthday was a decent one. After having lunch, I brought out the Birthday Cake and Ice cream for a little at work celebration. There isn't too much of a tradition here in Germany for Cake and Ice cream for birthdays. There might be a little bit of celebration, but on the whole not so much. I also heard from one of my advisors that the cake is typically bought by the person having the birthday themselves and brought into work. So I figured, what the hell, when in Rome (or in this case Bremen). So I went down to the bakery that was right down the street from where I live, and tried ordering a cake the day before. Boy THAT was fun! Being the patient man that I am, plus the fact that one of the ladies there used my translation guide as well, I was able to get across that I wanted a birthday cake, although I think we repeated the information over and over again. :-) The problem was, was that they didn't really have a list of topping that I could look over and translate. The most that the one lady showed me was raspberry and plum. Well, being not a big fan of either, I went with the raspberry.

Had a little bit of trouble picking up the cake, (I had forgotten my translation book at home) but thankfully someone was there that knew English. :-) Good times! So I went to work with the cake under my arm and ice cream in my backpack. Thankfully the University isn't too far, plus it wasn't that hot out, or I would have had ice cream all over. :-) (Not really, because I put the ice cream in a bag, but anyway...)

Well, after cleaning up the cake and ice cream (there was a slice left, so I had it later on in the evening), I got back to work. There are some problems with my code that I had/have to fix, so I stayed till around 7:30pm or so before I left. Well, when I was going home, I didn't really want to stay there. So, I get home drop my stuff off, ask if Frank (who has already had dinner) wanted to join me in heading out somewhere, and we went riding. I didn't feel like heading downtown, I wanted to go elsewhere. Well, Mrs. C had told us once about this one location along the river that was pretty good. So we went exploring. Well, I followed Frank who knew some back roads, and we get to the river Weser. Well, come to find out that there was a soccer game going on at Weser Stadium. Bummer! Wish I had known about it sooner, or I might have bought a ticket for it. It was already close to 9pm, so it was kind of pointless to get into a game that was almost over (come to find out, that it really WAS close to being over), so we continued down the river, till we saw a restaurant on the other side of the river, that we had to use a ferry to cross. Why not! So we head on over to the Sand Cafe.

Well, there menu was small, and come to find out that everything they cook, they use pork to cook with, whether its the meat or the oils. So the only thing I could have was... spaghetti. Boy, I went from not having spaghetti at home to well, having spaghetti for dinner anyway! lol Oh well. Frank and I had a good time anyway. Well, we saw that the restaurant was starting to close down, so we pack up, and catch the ferry back across the river. By this point, it started to sprinkle again. :-/ Well, I was thinking of looking for something more, but then again, I didn't feel like being soaking wet when I got home. So we called it a night. Got home around 10:30pm, had my last slice of raspberry cake (which was pretty good by the way), and hit the sack.

Now to get to my more "interesting" news. Yesterday was also the day that I could register for classes. However, it wouldn't let me register for classes. There was a hold on my account. Well, I knew that I got an AP last quarter, so I figured that they want me to turn in some signed form, but I'm nowhere near turning in the document to the desk, so I sent an email asking for them to lift the hold till I was able to get back into town. Well, I got a reply back from them today.

Supposedly I've been "dismissed from Cal Poly".

SUPPOSEDLY because I've been on AP for THREE quarters, I'm no longer able to register for classes. This REALLY infuriated me. Okay, first off, I was on AP TWICE. I know I know, you're asking why did I let this happen? Well, unfortunately, my first AP was a quarter that I got a bit of a burn out, so I didn't hold my grades up. The second quarter I had the toughest teacher at Cal Poly, HANDS DOWN! Granted I signed up for the class, because I also know that even though he was the toughest, he was also the best. You could learn quite a lot from his classes. And I did! But in order to pass his class, you had to pass two out of four lab tests, pass the midterm and final, AND have the programs that we had to write up for the class pass his automatic tester "Bender". There were no exceptions. Any failure of the above would mean that you get an F. Period. I stayed with the class, but I couldn't get one of the programs to work correctly. I even did a couple of all nighters to try to get it done on time. But no dice. So I got an F, and well, that brought down the rest of my grades below the 2.0.

Where the hell they got the third AP from I have no clue. I've already sent an email back to them asking for them to review there records because I KNOW I didn't have three in a row. If I was in Jeopardy of a third AP in the Spring, then I wouldn't have taken the tough teacher, Mr S. BUT I WASN'T!!! I'm sooo mad right at the moment that I could chew BRICKS right at the moment! They better have a GOOD REASON for blocking me for registering for classes, because if I can't get into the three classes that I need this quarter, then there isn't a point in me staying there for the Fall. I need to sign up for CPE 357 again because that was the F that I got, plus its the prereq for all the rest of the classes that I need.

Well, I need to get back to work, I got quite a few bugs to try fixing before presentation next week. I'll talk to you all later.

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