Monday, August 13, 2007

Bonn Day 3 (Part 1) - Credit Card should be good enough, right?

Well, after getting up, having myself another continental breakfast (I also got the same on Day 2, just forgot to put it down), and checking out, I headed over to the Beethoven Museum. Now seeing that I had one of those Bonn Welcome cards, I was able to get in free, which was nice. #1 and 2 were at the front entrance, right before the ticket purchase. Well, seeing that I had all of my bags with me, they asked me to put the big bag that I had into one of the storage lockers. I just didn't have enough on me to rent one out (it was a deposit of 1 euro), but the lady in the gift shop was nice enough to loan me the euro. (Which I gave back afterwards, of course)

Well, after dropping off my bag, I started out my tour. It had a small little courtyard, #3, with #4's statue off to the side. Kind of a strange statue, but hey, who's to judge. :-) Well, there wasn't anything very clear about where to start from, so I went into this one room with various musical charts, documents, and portraits. Heck, the entire museum was filled with musical charts, documents, and portraits. :-)

So I got a few photos from the first room that I was in (#5 - 14). I didn't take that many more photos, there were quite few portraits of those that influenced Beethoven's life. From close friends and mentors, to possible lovers (Its said that there was even a mystery lover out there, but Beethoven took her name to the grave). Basically, as I went from room to room, it gave a chronological time line of Beethoven's life. Got a couple of pictures of the instruments that Beethoven used in his lifetime (#15 & 17), not to mention his hearing aids that he used before becoming completely deaf (#16). The picture of Beethoven's Bust (#18), was supposedly the actual room that he was born in. I had wanted to get a picture of myself outside the room with the bust as a backdrop, but one of the ladies that works for the museum was in that vicinity, and she told me that no photographs inside the museum. Whoops. Wish I had known that earlier... Well, the secondary reason I wanted to take a picture right there, because the hallway that I was standing in was about 6'2" in height. Yeah, I couldn't stand up straight. :-/

Well, after the bust, was basically the end of the museum. The tour actually ended in the first room that I went into. :-) Oh well. They had one room that some computers set up to play clips from Beethoven's work, look at portraits, and get additional info from their database that they had. Well, as I was poking my nose around their database, I missed their graphics show that they put on. Basically, its a visual representation of Beethoven's music. They only put it on once an hour, and seeing that I was done there, I figured I might as well take off, and see other sights. So I go back into the gift shop, collect my bag, gave the euro back, and what else... oh yeah, bought myself a gift. I figured you only turn 30 once, right? (Although, there are some that have anniversaries. ^.^) And well, they had the COMPLETE works of Beethoven on CD. Granted in was around 90 euros and it had a total of 60 CD's, but I think I deserve it. :-)

So, if anyone wants to listen to some Beethoven, let me know. :-) Oh, which reminds me, I don't think I really need the 25 greatest Beethoven's hits CD anymore. It's up for grabs if anyone wants it. :-)

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