Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Berlin Day 3 (Part 3) - Pick a train, ANY train!

Well, after getting off the tower, and getting back to the bike, I wanted to stop off at the Presidents House, seeing that we didn't stop last time. So I snapped off a few more photos of the House #72 & 73, and I had someone take one more photo of myself, #74. Well, my next stop was the Pregnant Oyster again, but there was so much construction around it that I could really get a good shot of it. Well, I was running out of time, it was around 2 maybe 3pm by this point (think it was more 3pm, because I needed to return the bike and get to the train station on time. But there was one last place that I haven't been to. So I took off as fast as I could. Passed by what I could only assume is part of the autobahn (#75), but I'm not sure. But as I was continuing on down the street, I started realizing that I should be close. It took a bit of time, I even stopped and asked someone if they knew where it was, but they weren't sure. So I continued down the street thinking, "There HAS to be a sign or something". Well, I found the sign, made a quick left, and there it was. #76 & 77. The Olympic Stadium! Now THAT'S a place that has some history. Not only did African Ame... ah, hell, Blacks, make a statement there in the 1936 Olympics, but it was also the site for the World Cup 2006. Unfortunately, they had something going on there, or I would have tried to go inside. Oh well, I was tired (#78, that was shortness of breath there folks!), hot (bah, "no hills in Berlin" as Randall put it, load of hogwash that is), sweaty, and figured, job well done. I saw what I wanted to see. So I pack it up, stop for a LARGE bottle of water (which I was out of the main tourist attractions, so the large water costed the same as the small sodas & waters, 2 euros), and head back to the Fat Tire outpost.

After dropping off the bike and collected my clothes I had about an hour and a half before my train left. So I figured I had enough time to check out another ad from the Fat Tire brochure. Place called J.u.M.Fassler. Supposedly they had unique (German authentic) gifts ranging from nutcrackers to special plates. Well, it was closed. :-( Here I was thinking I could pick up another nutcracker for my brother (Yeah, I don't think he needs any wisecracks on that one! ^.^), some spoons for Mom, and I might find something for the rest of my brothers family. I'm sure I could have found SOMETHING. But it was closed. Damn! Well, it looks like a great store, but closed on Sundays from the looks of it. Well, there wasn't anything else that was holding me back so I hopped on the local train and headed to the main train station.

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