Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Bonn Day 2 (Part 1) - Credit Card should be good enough, right?

Well, when I got up the next day, I knew that I needed to find a bank so that I could have cash on hand. So I started looking around. Found two banks, both had bank card locks on there doors (the ATMs were in a small lobby inside the bank itself), but lucky at the second bank that I stopped off at (citibank) someone went inside right after I tried opening the door, so I slipped inside. Yeah, the Bonn authorities are probably looking for me right now. hehehe ;-)

So I tried using my credit card (thinking citibank, and mastercard) but it wouldn't give me any cash... WTF? It said that I needed to talk to the bank. Well, I figured that I would be fine with just my credit card, so I didn't sweat it at the time. (Boy, I wish I would have been right...) :-/

So, after purchasing what they call a Bonn Card which for 48 hours I could get on the trams for free, get free admission for most of the museums and a few discounts here and there. The discounts weren't all that much concerning the initial prices, but hey, 20 cents is 20 cents. So I figured if I can get into any museum in Bonn for free, and most of them were open weekends, I could see most on Sunday. What I wanted to see was an actual castle! Supposedly they have/had one that overlooks the Rhine... you'll see that soon. :-)

Well, off I go on the tram to Konigswinter. I get off at the one location where the local ferry also comes along, see on #1. Well, the guide said that I had to get off the tram at this one location to get to the castle, but it didn't give any directions from there. And I looked around the tram stop for some kind of indicator of which path to take to get to the castle, but didn't find anything. So I thought, okay, I'll start heading towards the hills, and see if I find anything along the way! Well, I go through a scenic part of the town #2, trying to find my way to Drachenfels. So I keep on walking, and I see this one guy walking in the same I thought, maybe he's going to the same location. And well, it surely seemed like it.

I finally come to the sign #8, but I was thinking, the Drachenfels train had a 20 cent reduction, and I figured I could just walk my way up. So I didn't want to go with the train itself, so I walked the other way, thinking that the pathway up to the castle was to the right. It was going up into the hills more, I figured it was the path to take...

Yeah, sometimes you should follow me from the looks of things. #3 through 7 were pictures I took along multiple paths that I tried. I mean, I saw #5 and figured it was the wall for the castle itself, right? Nope, private residence. Number 6 basically showed the paths that I was kind of taking. So, I sucked it back up, and followed the sign. Silly me, it took me to the right path. Who would have known? Can someone give me a snap for good measure? ;-)

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