Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sorry for the wait...

Been a little busy these past few days/week(s). Frank's father is here in town. They are going to be spending a week here in Europe after tomorrow, so they are going to have a good time. But seeing that he is here Frank's father has been taking a few pictures and video. Mainly video of the presentation that I did today. I can't say that my presentation went all that well, but then again, I had faced quite a bit of hardware difficulties over the last couple of weeks. Not sure if Photobucket can handle video, but I'll check on that and put it in, if I have the chance.

Well, without further ado, let me get my time in Baumholder up.

Oh, couple of other details that I need to mention. Birthday trip to Garmisch went extremely well, till I tripped at the end (Black Flagged on the Last Lap). Think Beginning of Berlin trip, and well, same kind of thing...just slightly different. Hey, if you take trains all the time, there are bound to be errors. I just wish I didn't have so many! hehehe :-)

Second thing is that I'm going to head off to Paris this weekend (weekend before I come home). I know that a few of you said that Amsterdam would be a good place to go, but I wasn't really seeing all that much to it. It felt like a town where you sit by a canal, having a drink, watching the boats go by. A few folks that I work with asked if I was into alcohol and/or drug, which I said neither, and they were like "Hmmmm...yeah, Paris might be better." I mean, sure it might be a good place to relax and not worry about anything, but there are so many things to see...

Oh well, time for lunch. I'll get Baumholder up shortly.

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