Monday, August 13, 2007

Bonn Day 3 (Finale) - Credit Card should be good enough, right?

Unfortunately, most of the museum was all German. No English translation, nor was there anything for me to use (other than my translation book, but I wasn't going to flip through that through the ENTIRE museum) to translate the material, no auditory translation or something along those lines. Well, they did have a special exhibit that they had off to the side (which did have English translation), which was about Jews in Germany during WWII. Yeah, I know what you'd probably say, and that would be "What? Again?". And well, yep, went through another round of Jewish History, not that I don't mind. This time, I saw items used by individuals, you know, tickets, books, photos, etc. They even had a short film in the small section, about Jewish Actors who went to Hollywood. They pointed out that most of the German Jewish Actors that fled Germany, wound up to play German "soldiers" aka Nazi's, in the American Films. :-/ A little ironic, I would say.

Well, I continued looking through the museum, not understanding a word that I saw, when an announcement came up over the loudspeakers in the museum. It was all in German, but I took a look at my watch, and saw that there was about 15 minutes till the hour. I think it was around 5:45pm at that point, museum was closing up by 6pm (I think). And I was only half way through looking through the museum. :-/ Guess the special exhibit took longer than I had thought. Well, it didn't really matter all that much any way, because I couldn't really read anything. So I sped up my walking speed, and did a quick walk through the museum. Took a brief delay when I saw a video on the Berlin Wall coming down, but other than that, there's not much to say. Great visuals for a museum, I just wish the translation was there. I shouldn't complain too much, its not their fault that I can't speak/read/write a lick of German. I'll have to change that at some point.

Well, I had about two hours left before my train leaves, so I head back to downtown to check for another restaurant. Lounge Lizard was closed, which was okay, I wanted to find another location anyway. :-) Unfortunately, once again, I was plagued by the credit card not being excepted. Well, on my search for a restaurant, I came by a toy store with a very FIERCE security system. (#36) It was closed for the day, obviously, it was just funny to see. :-)

Well, I kept getting closer and closer to the station without any luck with the credit card. Until I came to #38. They didn't take credit cards, but the guy inside (who spoke a little English (spent some time in Chicago)) told me that I could go down to the bank which was right around the corner to pull out some cash. I figured, I'd try about anything at this point just so I could get some dinner. So I head on down to the bank, and there were two on either side. So I take the one on the right, and BINGO! Cash! Yeaaaaaah! Kind of wish I had known about it prior, but oh well. So, to the thank the guy for pointing me out to the bank, I went back to give him some business. Got #37, which was... okay. I think the cook microwaved the food prior to getting to me, but I didn't care. The guy really did help me out. So after finishing up the chicken, I gave my thanks to the three guys that were there (the cook, the counterman, and the good friend from Chicago) and eventually got on the train to go home (got to the station a little early).

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