Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Bonn Day 1(Part 1) - Credit Card should be good enough, right?

Well, its Friday, and everything is going fairly smoothly. I decided to leave earlier for the train station, and left around 5pm. The train doesn't leave till 19:44 (7:44 for those that doesn't know military time). So, I ride on home on my bike from work and the sky was getting darker. Thunder storms were rolling in. We actually have had sunny skies for the past week (take a few days), so it decided that well, that was enough. Well, I get a tiny umbella from Mrs. C, go to the newspaper/magazine store which is right next to Plus (its the local grocery store), which sells Tram tickets and bought them for 7 euros (4 tram tickets). So I hop on the Tram just as it gets there, what luck! Because, by the time we get to the train station the skies opened up. It was pouring folks! Cats and Dogs! As you can see from #1 through #3.

Well, seeing that it was pouring, with a small umbella and luggage, I decided against going watch shopping in the downtown area. So I run to the train station. Well, I still had about 2 or so hours left till the train came, so I started looking for a place that sold watches. I mean, its a train station right? It should have watches somewhere... well, I was thinking that the watches were in the center or something like that, so I was searching shop after shop. Couldn't find anything...well, actually, I think I saw an old style time piece, but I think it was manufactured by PlayBoy or something like that, because it had one of there "models" on the cover. Ehem, yeah, I don't think so, I'll leave those for the magazines/videos. So I kept looking, well, I found a place. RIGHT next to the entrance of the station. I walked right past it. :-/ Well, 10 euros later, and I have a brand new watch. I quickly set the time.

Unfortunately, those 17 euros was basically all I had out of the money I had on hand... :-/ Berlin took more than I had thought. So when I get to Bonn, I'll have to look for a ATM just so I can get cash out. But I grab myself a veggie pizza(#4), get a little bit of entertainment for Mr. Hugh Hefner (#5 & 6, yeah, not really, but it was funny to see this in middle of the Bremen train station), and head up to the platform to wait for the train.

It came a little late, but it doesn't matter. I'm on my way to Bonn. (Supposedly I'm not pronouncing Bonn correctly, because so far everyone thinks I'm saying Bahn, which means Train) I'll have to find out the correct way, unless they sound the same? In which case, its a good thing I'm only going there once. :-)

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