Monday, August 13, 2007

Bonn Day 3 (Part 2) - Credit Card should be good enough, right?

Well, after leaving Beethoven's birthplace, I wanted to take a boat ride on the Rhine. Well, come to find out, that all of the long distance boat trips had already set sail. :-/ They gave me the option of only sailing up to Konigswinter. I think there might have been an option to go a little bit further... I think... ah, well. I took a trip back out to Konigswinter. I figured, if I did anything in Germany, I HAVE to take a trip down (up as the case may be) the river Rhein. Even if its a short trip. :-) (Which reminds me, the Rhein river is a fast moving river folks, not a good river for a leisurely swim. Unless you can find some breakers that they put on the side of the river itself) :-)

So I hop on board the Godesia (#19), and head to the top deck, just so I can get the best pictures. Passed by a couple of ex-government officials houses. The building that once housed the West German Government, and oh, yeah, got to see a few familiar faces. :-) (#20-31)

Well, as I got off in Konigswinter, I was thinking there isn't that much more HERE to do. Although they do have an Aquarium, so I figured I had some spare time before the boat gets back, so I head on up to Sea-Life (#33), stand in line and wait to get to the ticket counter. It was a fairly long line. So when I get up to the counter, finally, I ask if they take credit cards. Once again, shot down. What is with this town??? Gah!

Well, I head back down to the boat stop, snap off photo #32. And I wait. The boat supposedly doesn't get back till about an hour, so I wait. And wait...and wait. :-/ I think it took longer than an hour. :-/ Well, as I waited, the gentleman in #34 came walked down the street playing music from his rolling cart. What was really funny was that at one point he played "Numa Numa", and the mental image of that one kid who chair danced to the song came back into mind. >.< If you don't know the reference, let me know, I got the link handy, if necessary.

Well, the boat FINALLY gets into port, and we all board the Petersberg (#35) and head back to Bonn. When I get back to Bonn, I still had a few more hours left, so there was a chance for me to go see a museum. So I hop on the tram and head off to "museum mile". The art museum I wasn't all the thrilled about (modern art is a little too odd, for my tastes), so I figured I'd go to the History museum that they had. Unfortunately, I forgot to take any shots of the place, or the interior, but then again, it was the history of Germany from WWII up to modern day.

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