Friday, August 3, 2007

Off to Baumholder

Well, I'm going back to the one location that I can vaguely remember when I was here when I was a little lad! I just hope that I got it right.

I believe I got the right location, because I remember that it was a circular street, they were apartments, there was a forest right behind it, with a golf course not too far away. I was hoping that my brother could have given me the information that I had requested prior, but he is a busy man, so I understand. I just hope that it is the right location. Well, I'll find out when I get there. :-) I'm going to be in for a little hike! That's for sure! :-)

Well, I leave for Baumholder at 6:44pm tonight (18:44), and I won't be getting there till around 7:44am (07:44). Stupid me, I let Die Bahn do the scheduling for me, which from the looks of it decided that I should take the LONG way around. Should have just ordered a ticket to Frankfurt and go from there. But no, I hit 3 other cities before getting to Odar-Oberstein where I can take a Bus to Baumholder from the looks of it.

The ticket however doesn't cover for all of the expenses from what I found out. I don't think it covered for the Regional Express nor the Bus (Line #320) itself. So its going to be interesting finding where I can pick up the ticket. Plus, I'm going to have to talk to a few people that may or may not know English. I hope that the closer I get to the American base, the more I'll be finding American speaking folks? Yeah, not too sure about that. Well, I have to get back to my search for the bus line. Got 15 minutes till 5pm, and I want to head out at that time to get to the train station without any problems.

Talk to you all later. :-)


Fred said...

I sent you directions, which you apparently never got. If you hadn't turned on the comment moderation (I don't understand why you did) I MIGHT have been able to confirm whether you recieved the directions or not. If you see this when you do arrive in town, let me know and I will repeat them for you. And turn the moderation OFF! >:{

Cronus said...

Nope, never got them, but its okay, I believe I found the right place. Although there were some...difficulties. I'll try to explain when I can. Got to go however. I'll get the weekend blog up as soon as I can.

Oh, and about the moderation, I've already had spammers try to post junk, so I'd like to keep the place clean from those. Plus, it lets me know who posted a comment and on which post. Well, got to go. Talk to you all later.