Thursday, August 23, 2007

Baumholder Day 3 (Part 1) - Revisiting Memories

Well, I got through the night at the hostel okay. Didn't get woken up (big surprise), so it was a good night. Oh I forgot to mention that for a cheap price I had to basically bunk with 7 other people. But it was okay, I think one of them was a lite snorer, so I got off easy. Well, couple of folks tooks showers prior to me, which was fine. But I wasn't the last. Couple of the guys there had hit the bars pretty good. Got a couple of hangovers. :-) Ah the JOY's of drinking. hehehe :-) So I get into the shower, (ooooh, almost forgot, before I went to bed I wanted to take a shower then (I was pretty grungy hehehe)) and I knew that I didn't really need to wash that much, so I get done with my hair when I noticed that the water was close to overflowing from the shower itself! I quickly shut off the shower, and noticed that the water was draining REALLY slowly. So much for the body wash, but eh, I had taken a shower the night before so I knew I wasn't THAT bad.

So come to find out, that there were about 3 Americans in the room, 1 guy from France, a couple from Australia, and one other that I didn't meet. I think I heard that he was American too. Well, I told the guys that the shower overflows fairly quickly, and they said that the shower ALWAYS overflows quickly. :-/ Wonderful! I'm thankful that I had the shower the night before! Well, I pack up my things, and head back up to the reception desk to check out. Come to find out, I needed to have brought up my bed sheets to the checkout counter, (which I didn't have) but the guy at the counter didn't really care. Said it was fine.

So, I head out to explore Frankfurt. First place I go to? Back to the train station, because I had noticed the night before that they had a tourist booth within the station. So I go there and ask if there was any bike tours that they knew of. Unfortunately, they didn't know of any but suggested that I could rent a bike from the train company itself. All I would have to do is use the pay phone to call...wait a second! Pay-phone!? Nope, not doing that again. So I asked for a map of Frankfurt. They did inform me when handing over the map that there was a festival down near the river. So, seeing that its around 10am, I figured I'd head down in the general direction, but first...I wanted to get a closer look at some of the skyscrapers. :-)

So I head on of the train station, and snap off #97 from Day 2. Then I keep going straight ahead, till I reach this one park. It wasn't very wide, but the length was pretty significant. You could see a little bit of the park in #5 and 6. Snapped off pictures #1 through 4 of the surrounding skyscrapers. Well, there was one building if I kept going straight that would be right on my path. So I figured if the building was open, it would be kind of cool if I could go up to the top. Well, I get there and it was all locked up. I guess seeing that this IS the financial district, they don't want uninvited guests. ;-) It was fine, I figured getting into #7 would be a long shot, especially going up to the top. :-)

Well, at this point, I turn right and start heading down to the River (I believe it was the River Mainz). Well, if you don't think that the pictures I showed didn't really show that I was walking around the Financial district, then #8 should convince you. :-) Saw #9 (and obviously 10) right by #8. So I go past the fountain, and continue walking towards the river. Finally get to a street that parallels the river (#11), and I saw that there was a park right next to the river, but I wasn't having a hard time getting down to it. So I continued walking, till I saw some stairs down. It was a fairly nice park snapped off a couple of photos as I was walking down the path. (#12 - 15) When I passed by the bridge (#16 & 17), I saw the festival in the distance, but I figured I'd snap off a photo or two of the scenery that I saw (#18 & 19). Well, its around 10:30am or so when I get to the festival. It hasn't started yet. (#20 & 21) :-/ So, I wait. I find a spot where I could park myself, and read my book.

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