Thursday, June 28, 2007

First Day Continued

So we get on board without any problems. We get to out seats and prepare for the looong flight.

The onboard movies were "Eragon" and "John Tucker Must Die". The first I've seen, the second I didn't really need to see, so I went ahead and skipped the movies. So did Frank. Frank and I both debated whether or not pulling out our laptops would be a good idea. We both decided that it would be a waste, because there wasn't a power outlet anywhere on the plane (duh) and no internet which would limit us anyway. Besides, my battery is dying anyway, so I've been getting about half hour to an hour worth of power from it. (I'll have to pick up a new battery when I get home)

So we ended up reading most of the way to Germany. Frank was reading something about "Satan: fact or fiction" or something like that. Not sure of the title, I'll have to ask him for the title again. I was reading "The Dragon Revenant" by Katharine Kerr. Got halfway through the book, which wasn't to shabby. :-)

Well, by after a while we got serve dinner. There was the pasta or the pork. Yeah. Went with the pasta.

<-- Yum, Yum! Doesn't it look delicious! ;-) It was a pasta with a sauce that I never had before, (probably a German sauce?) with some brocoley. Some kind of a colesaw mixture that you can see in the upper left. Some cream swiss cheese (from the Laughing Cow) and butter in the cup on the right. A desert which was like a carrot cake almost, but not quite, I can't put my finger on it. It had some raisens and a frosting on top. It was pretty good, the only thing that I didn't really like was what was in the "Fit" package on the left. It was a rye bread that had some kind of nut mixed in. Yeah. I don't really like rye, to bland for my taste, and not even the Laughing Cow could help it out. We went through the night trying to sleep as much as possible, but there were too many people on the flight to stretch out on one of the rows, and I just couldn't fall asleep in the up-right position that I was in. I tried stretching out my legs into the aisle to get a "laydown" feel, but I actually tripped someone. Thankfully the person didn't fall all the way down (was able to catch himself), but it was enough for me not to do it again. So I stayed up and read. (Hence the reason for half the book) <-- Here is a picture of what we had for our flight over. Not quite sardines, but it got close. Well, we got served breakfast as we were flying over Ireland (The video screen that you see showed updates on our flight) It was a combo meat and cheese, bread, OJ, and yogurt. Unfortunately, I think the meat was ham, so didn't want to risk it. Frank ate it but was too tired (He didn't sleep very well himself) to really tell me what kind it was. So much for breakfast. :-/ They didn't have a secondary option for breakfast. Oh well. Well, we got off our flight, at Dusseldorf, in not the typical terminal, we got off onto the landing strip (Or close by at least) and boarded some buses that would take us to the terminal. I wondered if the bus driver was new, because he kept lurching the bus around so much that he almost made a few of the elderly, that were there, fall onto the floor.

Well, we went through customs, where several men were behind glass windows, asked what we were doing in Germany. I actually got a bit tongue tied at this point because I wasn't sure what to answer. I mean, I've heard people say "Business" or "Pleasure", but in a way this trip is both... so I ended up saying that I was doing an Internship. Not sure if he knew what I meant, but he okayed me none the less. We went to the baggage claim, thinking that we might need to pick up our baggage for our next flight, but it wasn't necessary. It was being transferred automatically. So we walked through the terminal to our next gate. Went through another security checkpoint, this time the checkpoint was actually sensitive enough to pick up the metal that was in the pants button. For them to bring out the metal scanner wand. Everything else went smoothly to get to the gate. But at this point, I was greating really hungry (plus the gate was right next to a deli of some kind), so I needed to exchange the dollars I had to euros. So I went to the exchange which was outside the security checkpoint, exchanged the money to euros and went back through the checkpoint. After the checkpoint, I saw a bookshop, and needed a translation guide, so I picked one up there with the new euros.

Went to the deli to get some food and pick up a kind of chicken sandwich. Had some tomatoes and another kind of sauce to it, and it was pretty good overall.

<---As you can see, it wasn't cheap. Especially with the Coke being just as much as the Sandwich (It was about 1 euro less) Oof.

Well, we get on the next flight without any problems, but instead of having seats next to each other like the previous flight, Frank and I were given completely different rows. Not only that but someone was sitting in my seat. :-/ Well, there were still seats available on my row so I figured that I would just take the aisle seat without issue. Well, someone came up to claim the aisle seat. Okay, whatever, I sat in another seat and didn't have any other issues. I was too tired to care. However, if I got kicked out on the next seat I would have kicked out the person in my seat. But it didn't matter.

We were on our way to Hamburg.

Boy, these are long posts, let me cut this one again.

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