Monday, September 17, 2007

Garmisch Day 3 (Finale) - Birthday Trip

Camera's were restricted on the interior of Linderhof, so I could take any pictures. No pictures of the painted vaulted ceilings, the gold plated walls, or the ivory or 100 piece crystal chandeliers. No pictures of the exquisite furniture, the carpeting, or the paintings themselves. It was a small tour, going through the second floor of the palace, which had fairly small rooms overall, but the size didn't diminish the exquisite style of the rooms themselves. If Neuschwanstein was anything like Linderhof, then I probably would have collapsed right at the entrance just by the sheer marvels. I would recommend visiting Linderhof if you have the chance. (if not Neuschwanstein)

Well, after going through a back passageway (which I think was for more servants than anything else, because it was fairly plain overall) to go back outside, it was still sprinkling, plus we were running out of time. I had wanted to see this one canyon in Garmisch before I left. But before we left, I wanted to get pictures of the gardens that were around Linderhof. (#83 - 119) Got a couple of double shots in the group, some just turned out to be too dark. What do you expect with cloudy skies. Well, you'll have to thank Inigo for the shots of me. He's a little camera shy so I didn't get too much of him, but thats okay, I didn't want to upset him too much. :-) Well, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves for the garden. :-)

Well, after that, we had about an hour and a half to see the canyon and board the train, so we practically ran back to the van (not really, but it was a quick walk). Snapped off a picture of an inn (I believe) that was right next to the gift shop. It was around this time that I found out that the umbrella had a leak. So seeing that Dan had used his money to buy the umbrella I handed it over to him, telling him that he could try to get his money back. But seeing that we were in a hurry, he skipped going back to the gift shop and just threw the umbrella away. The leak, by the way, was from the center down one of the joints, so I had felt it on the back of my neck.

Well, we got back into the van, and headed on back to Garmisch. Unfortunately, whatever was happening at the Ettal Monastery had finished at the same time. So EVERYONE was on the road. :-( We had a traffic jam for a couple of miles. Which delayed our arrival back at Garmisch. So much of a delay, that I wasn't able to see Partnach Gorge. Basically there was supposed to be this one path that went along this one stream. This path was supposed to have wonderful views of waterfalls, going underneath the waterfalls, and all that. It would have been wonderful to see, but I just ran out of time (stupid traffic!). So we stopped off at this one tiny restaurant to have some chicken, and went to the Garmisch Station so that I could board the train. (I had packed my bags and put them in the van before we left, so we didn't have to go back to Adelweiss.

Well, after getting on the train and snapping off a couple of photos, trying to get Inigo and his parents (#121 - 122), my train left for Munich. Or at least I thought that I was heading back to Munich...

Well, folks, I got myself into trouble again. The ticket actually said Munich-Pasing for my stop, but my mind registered the Munich, not the Pasing. Well, I dozed a little bit on the train ride, but I did see Pasing, (thinking that we had just gotten to Munich) so I jumped off, saw a sign that just said "Pasing" and thought "oh crap, not Munich". So I hopped back on. Wish the train had gone right before I got back on... because as we were leaving Pasing, I finally saw another sign "Munich-Pasing". "CRAP! I did it again!" I thought. So, seeing that my train was an ICE, I hoped that it would still be at Munich by the time I got there. So the train stopped, and I ran (as much as I could) looking for my train number, and I found it. I had one minute before it left... I was outside at track 29 or so, and I had to get to track 13 or so. I ran as much as I could, but got to the gate just as it had closed its doors and started to leave. *sigh* It happened again.

So I head to the ticket office to purchase a new ticket. Unfortunately, the train that I just missed was the last one to get to Bremen at night, so I had to take a night train to get to Bremen in the early morning. Unfortunately, with no available alarm, and no one speaking up as to which station we were coming to, I had to stay up to keep an eye out for Bremen (just so I didn't miss it either). Well, I got back to Bremen around 5am in the morning or so, went home, and went to bed to sleep. Got to work late, but they understood, so there wasn't any problems there. And that was my Birthday Weekend!

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