Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Garmisch Day 1-2ish - Birthday Trip

Well, the plan for the weekend was to meet my friend, who I know from Cal Poly, (Hmmm... how shall I call him? haha I know... oh, I can see the rolling eyes now.) Inigo in Munich on Friday Night, then travel onto Garmisch Saturday morning.

Inigo had just finished his finals on Friday, at the university in Munich, and was ready for a vacation. (So was I... ^_^) Well, we were discussing heading off to a night club in Munich, but it didn't happen. I got into Munich around 11:45pm, was already tired, and he told me that the one that he knew of was about 40 minutes away (by metro). Oof... That with the fact that the metro closed down around 2:30am put a damper on the trip. So we bypassed the night club for just a little dinner before heading to his dorm. Oh almost forgot, we also purchased our tickets for garmisch while still in the main train station.

Well, after crashing at his dorm for the night, we get up to clean room. You see, seeing that Inigo finished his finals on Friday, he didn't need to stay at Munich anymore. So he had to vacate his dorm, which required a little packing and cleaning. Well, while he packed I helped clean his dirty dishes, it was the least that I could do for the weekend that he helped me with. Well, as you can see pictures #1 through #7 was basically a look into Inigo's dorm/apartment. Well, supposedly, all he needed to do was to clean the dishes to get his deposit back. Would have figured that he would have needed to scrub down the bathroom and sweep the bedroom, but no, maids are going to take care of it.

Well, after having a little breakfast (#8) at a bakery around the corner... (practically), we headed back down to the main station so that we could offload some of our baggage before doing a little tour of Munich. So after dropping off our bags at the main station (#9 & 10), we headed off to a nearby museum that wasn't fair from Munich Bahnomhoft. Well, getting to the subway location for the museums, took a couple of pictures of the pictures that were at the subway stop. (#11-#13, I guess I retook picture #11, thinking that it was too dark, eh oh well) So I followed Inigo from the subway stop, down the street (#14-17), till we came to the entrance of the courtyard that had the two museums. (There were other paths that you could take, but the columned building had more of an "entrance" feel to it) (#18)

At first glance, I tried remembering why I snapped off #19, because I couldn't really see anything. But I zoomed in more, and noticed that I had tried taking a picture of a couple of statues that were across the street. (Obviously, I didn't do a good job, well, I was in a little bit of a rush, only had about an hour or two to spare.) Well, Inigo informed me that these museums were focused on Greek history, and it was interesting to see some Greek lettering in the "entrance hall". (#20 - 26) Well, after coming out of "entrance hall", we saw one of the museums on the left, (#27) and one on the right (#28). Well, Inigo asked me if I wanted to have my picture taken in front of the mock "Trojan Horse", so I said sure, and handed over the camera. I should had made sure the flash was off. :-/ But Inigo toke pictures #29 through 32. Well, I snapped off another picture of museum #27 (#33), and headed into the other museum (the one with the trojan horse in front). It was fairly small overall, with only about 4 rooms, but it was still filled with ancient pots, statues, and vases. Was about to smack Inigo around this point, because he said that it would be cool to eat something from the bowls that we saw. He hasn't gotten to the point of appreciating the work, history, and beauty of the artifacts. Took a couple of pictures of the museum (#34 - 41), and it was a bit of a rush through it all. But it got to the point where we needed to leave to catch the train. So we started to head back towards the train station. Snapping off #42, 43, and 44.

Well, Inigo and I got to the train station on time, with a few minutes to spare. We pulled out our bags, and I checked out the times for our train trip. Unfortunately, the ticket itself didn't give a gate number for us, but we still knew what time we needed to leave. But I couldn't find our train on the billboard so I went to information. Well, when I got the gate from the worker at the information desk, Inigo finds our gate on the billboard itself. I had missed it on my brief look. So we get the same gate at the same time. It was kind of funny. :-) Well, the station at Munich was as interesting layout. It had about 30 gates or so, with about 15 or so on the inside of the station that focused on ICE and IC trains, while tracks on both sides of the station focused on the Regional and City trains. For those that don't know, ICE and IC trains focused on major cities. So Inigo and I ran for the tracks outside of the station to catch the train to Garmisch. We got to the train just in time. With the time that it took getting from the metro, getting a little lost within the main station, getting the bags and finding out which gate took a little more time than planned, but it was still enough. :-)

So we were on our way. Inigo and I talked about quite a few subjects on our way to Garmisch. We had time to spare so what else would be do... take pictures? You know like #45 and 46? Naaahhhh... :-) We basically talking about businesses, stock markets and the connection between the two. I'm not an expert in any way, but I think I know a little, more than what Inigo did. Kind of opened his eyes about business ownership and the pros and cons of business ownership. It was a bit of overcast as you can see from those two photos, so I was hoping that rain wouldn't be in the forecast for the weekend. (I had enough rain to last a lifetime) hehehe :-)

Well, once we got to Garmisch we put our bags in a locker seeing that we had gotten to Garmisch couple of hours prior to Inigo's parents getting there. So seeing that Inigo and I were there early, we went ahead and explored the town. We basically walked around in a circle, eventually heading back to the train station. Took a couple of photos along the way (#47-57), and during our touring of the city we saw a few cows (#49, 53, & 57) and those were just the few that I took pictures of. :-) We stopped off for something to eat, but the place that we stopped off at was just an ice cream cafe. Which was fine with the dinner that I had. :-) What I had (#52) was an interesting creation. In was Vanilla Ice Cream put into these little spaghetti strings shapes, and topped off with Strawberry topping. :-) Very tasty. :-)

Well, after we had done a full circle, we gave a call to Inigo's parents and found that they had just gotten to the hotel. So we grabbed our bags, and Inigo hailed a cab. Well, after going through a military checkpoint (the hotel/resort was sponsored by the US Forces), Inigo signing me in (No, Inigo isn't in the military but his father is), we get to the hotel. The resort was pretty big from what I saw. (#58 & 59) I didn't really take too many pictures of the place, was pretty busy by that point. But I did take a few pictures of the view from the room patio (#60-62).

Well, after having a buffet dinner (roast beef w/ mashed potatoes), and relaxing at the spa that was at the resort, I did a little bit of reading and enjoyed a VERY GOOD sleep. (The spa was heaven for me!) :-)

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